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Affiliated Courses: Global Literatures and Cultures

ARB 460 Special Topics in Arabic Culture (W)
ARB 461 Introduction to Arabic Literature (W)

CHS 366 Chinese Culture: Tradition and Modernity (W)
CHS 466 Modern Chinese Literature and Films (W)

ENG 130 Film and Society
ENG 206 Topics in Global Literatures
ENG 317 African Diaspora Literature
ENG 324 Readings in Epic
ENG 326 Readings in Drama and Performance Studies
ENG 350 Readings in African, African-American, or African Diaspora Literature
ENG 351 Readings in Chicano and Latino Literatures
ENG 355 Readings in Sexuality and Literature
ENG 356 Readings in Jewish Literature
ENG 360 Studies in Postcolonial and Diaspora Literature (W)
ENG 426 Seminar in Drama or Performance Studies
ENG 448 Seminar in Gender and Literature
ENG 449 Seminar in Race, Ethnicity and Literature
ENG 450 Seminar in African American Literature
ENG 452 Seminar in 20th and 21st Century British Literature
ENG 460 Seminar in Global and Postcolonial Literature
ENG 462 Seminar in Transatlantic Literature
ENG 464 Studies in the Literature of Asia and the Asian Diaspora (W)
ENG 466 Seminar in Literatures of the Pacific Rim
ENG 469 Topics in Comparative Literature
ENG 473B Law and Literature
ENG 481 Seminar in Critical and Cultural Theory

ENG 482 Seminar is Feminist Literary and Cultural Theory

FRN 415 Introduction to French Studies I: Metropolitan France
FRN 416 Introduction to French Studies II: Francophone Cultures
FRN 445 Theme-Based Seminar

FRN 447 Genre-Based Seminar

GRM 341 German Literature and Culture Before 1918
GRM 342 German Literature and Culture since 1918
GRM 435 18th and 19th Century German Literary Studies (W)
GRM 445 20th Century and Contemporary German Literary Studies (W)
GRM 455 Major Themes in German Cultural History (W)

JPN 369 Japanese Literature and Culture I
JPN 469 Japanese Literature and Culture II

PHL 353 Core Themes in Peace and Justice Studies
PHL 354  Philosophy of Law
PHL 360 Philosophy of Language
PHL 440 Central Issues in Ethics
PHL 454 Topics in Philosophy of Law
PHL 456 Topics in Feminist Philosophy (D)
PHL 460 Epistemology
PHL 461 Metaphysics
PHL 462 Philosophy of the Mind

PRT 340 Topics in Luso-Brazilian Language and Culture

REL 150 Introduction to Biblical Literature
REL 205 Myth, Self and Religion
REL 230 Shamanism, Trance and Sacred Journeys
REL 260 Philosophy of Religion
REL 275 Magic and Mysticism: Western Esoteric Traditions and Practices
REL 310 Judaism (D)
REL 315 Religion and Gender
REL 320 Christianity
REL 325 East Asian Buddhism (I)
REL 330 Islam (D)
REL 331 Islam and Gender
REL 335 East Asian Religions
REL 345 Religions of South Asia (I)
REL 355 Southeast Asian Religions
REL 360 African Religion (I)
REL 411 Modern Jewish Thought (W)
REL 480 Comparative Studies in Religion (W)

RUS 420 Russian Life and Culture Before World War I
RUS 421 Russian Life and Culture in the 20th Century
RUS 440 Contemporary Russian Life and Culture (W)

SPN 420 Spain and its Literature
SPN 432 Latin America and its Literature
SPN 462 Topics in Spanish Literature
SPN 472 Topics in the Literature of the Americas

STA 112 Art and Design: Concepts and Practices
STA 371 Art, Education and Society
STA 468 Interactive Web Design

WS 153 Introduction to Women Authors
WS 201 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (D)
WS 202 Introduction to Contemporary Feminisms and Gender Theories (D)
WS 301 Sexual Violence Against Women and Children: Theory and Response
WS 302 Jewish Women’s Experiences and Writings
WS 312 African American Women
WS 315 Religion and Gender
WS 320 Gender and Popular Culture
WS 353 Readings in Women Writers
WS 355 Readings in Sexuality and Literature
WS 356 Philosophical Aspects of Feminism (D)
WS 401 Feminist Theory
WS 403 Women and Change in Developing Countries
WS 404 Women and the Law in the United States
WS 412 Women in Modern European History
WS 413 Families in Historical Perspective
WS 421 Women and Gender in Africa
WS 448 Seminar in Gender and Literature
WS 456 Topics in Feminist Philosophy (D)
WS 482 Seminar in Feminist Literary and Cultural Theory

WRA 260 Rhetoric, Persuasion, and Culture
WRA 331 Writing in the Public Interest (W)
WRA 415 Digital Rhetoric