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Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities
Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities


Our program of study is built around key global issues: Justice, Violence, Borders, Migration, Race, Gender, and Climate Change. Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities provides students with theoretical and practical skills to understand the cultural forms of globalization in an accelerated, interconnected, and mediated world. In parallel with sociological, political, and economic studies of "the global," our courses emphasize critical analysis and creative responses to globalization. Our approach calls attention to the crucial role of words and images in shaping our experiences of globalization.

Study literature, film, visual arts, performance, digital cultures, and other media to understand:

  • processes of global transformation
  • complexities of an increasingly interconnected world
  • innovative artistic and intellectual responses to global challenges
  • technologies of communication shaping global cultures
  • modes of belonging and the fashioning of global identities

Acquire critical knowledge of globalization and develop these high-demand skills:

  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Global cultural awareness
  • International experience


Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities emphasizes the analysis of cultural phenomena that express the rapidly changing values, conditions, and practices of the contemporary world. This unique academic program moves beyond common-place thinking about global cultures, and promotes a more nuanced awareness of the productive and destructive effects of globalization. We are not content with simple answers to the complex problems of our high-tech, increasingly interconnected global world. Students and scholars join together for an informed critical discussion of the place of the arts and humanities in representing, interpreting, and negotiating globalization.

  • Flexible course selection
  • Engaged experiential learning (study abroad, internships, etc)
  • Diverse and inclusive perspectives
  • Theoretical and practical approaches
  • Innovative research initiatives
  • Expanded dialogue within and across colleges
  • Dynamic public programming


Congratulations to GSAH's Spring 2019 Graduates

Graduation 2019.jpg

Marilyn Hecht and Carly Nesbitt (with Dr. Lucas center)


Congratulations to our 2019 recipients

MJ Haynes

Taylor Rasmussen

Brooklyn Rue

Congratulations to 2017 GSAH Graduate
Kaitlin Lenhard

For her nomination for the Marshall and Mitchell Scholarships
See the story here


GSAH in Dubai


Global Studies in Dubai, MSU students and faculty in Dubai for the winter Break Education Abroad program, "Dubai in the UAE:  The Globalization on Consumerism and Community" December 2018 -January 2019.