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College of Arts and Letters | Michigan State University


Connects you to past, present, and future social and political issues, using creative and critical approaches

Uses literature, film, history, visual arts, drama, and other media to understand political and social change, similarities and differences between people, diverse values, ethics, and perspectives, changing conditions and their effects on people and societies

Provides a sustained concentration on issues and methods most important to employers in many fields: creative and analytical thinking; group problem solving; global awareness and concern; breadth of knowledge and experience; language fluency

Director's Welcome
GSAH is an exciting, flexible major in the College of Arts and Letters. It makes a great option as a Major, Second Major, Minor, or Cognate. Explore your options here on the website, or contact us for more information!

Student Story

Michael Robinson, a Chinese and GSAH major, received a prestigious nomination to attend a G20 youth summit in Germany.  Michael talks about this journey and the importance of internships and studying abroad here at MSU.

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Faculty News

Prof. Karin Zitzewitz’s book, The Art of Secularism:  The Cultural Politics of Modernist Art in Contemporary India, was named by the New Republic magazine as one of the ten best in 2014 global non-fiction books.

2015 GSAH Scholarship for Study Abroad

GSAH is offering scholarships to support three students majoring in GSAH to support participation in a study abroad program, study away program, or international internship for credit.  Deadline for applications is February 16, 2015  The application can be found here.

Upcoming Events

New York Study Away: The Immigrant Experience

12/4 - Information Session, January 22, 4pm, 120 Linton Hall

Program Dates: 6/7/14 - 7/5/15 International House, 500 Riverside Dr., New York, New York

Click here for more information.

RSVP here.

This program is open to ALL majors. 

Past Events

9/9 - Diana Matar

"Evidence: Photography and Political Disappearance.7 PM, MSU Main Library, North Conference Room.

9/29 - Sayed Kashu

"Being a Palestinian Israeli." 4 PM, 208 IM West.

10/15 - Terrence Wiley

"Considerations for Linguistic Landscape Analysis in the Midwest with a Few Lessons Learned from the Southwest." 4 PM, Wells B-342.

10/21 - Natan Dvir

"Getting Closer: Understanding the 'Other.'" 7 PM, MSU Main Library, W-449. 

10/23 - Natan Dvir

"Ethics, Documentary Photography and Photojournalism." 3:00 - 4:30 PM, 145 Communication Arts.

11/12 - Fred Kuwornu 

Film showings, "18 IUS SOLI" and "Inside Buffalo."  7:00 - 10:00 PM, C-640 Wells Hall.

11/14 - Joseph A. Buttigieg

"The Subaltern in Gramsci's Writings: Genealogy of a Concept."