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Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities
Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities


Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities (GSAH) is an undergraduate degree program offering a major and minor in Michigan State University’s College of Arts and Letters. It is a faculty-driven collaborative committed to achieving a broad, rich, and inclusive engagement with global issues and to fruitfully exploring and expanding cooperative interdisciplinary teaching and research opportunities within and beyond the College of Arts and Letters. Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities makes an important intervention into conceptualizations of ‘the global’ – conceptualizations that often focus solely on economic and political conditions. Recognizing the complexities of cultural interaction and exchange, GSAH foregrounds the role of the Arts and Humanities in recognizing and understanding how global conditions and concerns affect our experiential and intellectual existence.

GSAH uses literature, film, history, visual arts, drama and other media to understand:

  • Diverse values, ethics and perspectives
  • Similarities and differences between peoples
  • Political, social, economic and cultural change
  • How changing conditions affect people and societies

The GSAH program trains you in skills that are in high demand and open paths to a variety of careers:

  • Creative, critical and analytical thinking
  • Intercultural understanding
  • International experience
  • Language proficiency
  • Group problem solving
  • Global awareness and concern


To further build a community of scholars and students dedicated to advancing Global Studies GSAH aims to both deepen and broaden engaged scholarship in an integrated world.  The program seeks to do this by: 

  • Enhancing our student-centered curriculum to make it more flexible by adding more course options that build on interdisciplinary cross-campus collaborations
  • Supplementing the interdisciplinary curriculum with engaged and experiential learning in and beyond the classroom
  • Expanding the network of Global Studies at MSU inside and outside of the College of Arts and Letters to put the arts and humanities at the center of dialogues with other disciplines
  • Engaging local and global publics through programming and support of scholarly endeavors that offer inclusive perspectives on experiences within the context of global flows of the past and the present


Applications Due:  February 15, 2017

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Congratulations to 2016's recipients!

Asha Abdulahi

Mikayla DeMers

Kiana Elkins

Samantha Manges



2016 Graduation GSAH.JPG

Congratulations to GSAH's 2016 Graduates:  Erica Latack, Jacob Brown, Enxhi Liti, and Rachel Sherwin


Transnational East Asia Colloquium


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