The Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities minor can be combined with any major to enrich students program study and provide them with a solid grounding in methods and issues necessary to understand global conditions, connections, and interactions.

The GSAH Minor has 2 sets of requirements:

  • GSAH Core Courses (6 credits)
  • Elective Courses (9 credits)

Note that students can double count courses in their major toward the completion of the GSAH undergraduate minor. For example, a student majoring in Spanish (or any other language) can count any course beyond the 200 level as an elective in the GSAH minor. Similarly, students enrolled in any MSU degree program can count 300 and 400 level courses with significant global studies content as electives in the GSAH minor.

Download GSAH Major Course Completion Checklist

GSAH Core Courses Requirement

Complete the following:

GSAH 201, “Issues in Global Studies” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

Complete 3 additional GSAH credits from the following:

GSAH 301, “Global Citizenship” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 310, “Questions of Justice in Global Contexts” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 311, “Global Perspectives on Borders and Migration” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 312, “Global Digital Cultures” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 313, “Violence and Power in Global Contexts” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 314, “Race, Gender, and Global Identities” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 315, “Globalization and the Arts” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 391, “Special Topics in Global Studies” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 450 (W), “Global Interdisciplinary Studies” (3 credits, prerequisite GSAH 201

GSAH 490, “Independent Study” (1-4 credits, no prerequisite)

Elective Courses

Students complete their requirements with an additional 9 credits in any GSAH courses not previously taken, and/or elective courses (see the Elective Courses page).