Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities provides a solid grounding in methods and issues necessary to understand global conditions, connections and interactions.

Major Requirements

University Undergraduate Requirements

College of Arts and Letters Bachelor of Arts Requirements

The GSAH Major has 4 sets of requirements:

Download GSAH Major Course Completion Checklist

  1. GSAH Coursework – See Below (15 credits)

2. Elective Coursework (18 credits)

3. Language Requirement
Study a language or place out of a language up to the 202 level (4th semester)

4. Experiential Learning
An approved experiential learning activity, such a mentored research project in Global Studies; a travel program through education abroad or study away; or an approved internship.

GSAH Coursework

Complete all of the following 6 credits of coursework:

GSAH 201, “Issues in Global Studies”  (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 450 (W), “Global Interdisciplinary Studies” (3 credits, prerequisite:  GSAH 201.

Complete an additional 9 credits of GSAH courses at the 300-level from the following:

GSAH 310, “Questions of Justice in Global Contexts” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 311, “Global Perspectives on Borders and Migration”  (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 312, “Global Digital Cultures”  (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 313, “Violence and Power in Global Contexts” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 314, “Race, Gender, and Global Identities”  (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 315, “Globalization and the Arts”  (3 credits, no prerequisite)

GSAH 391, “Special Topics in Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities” (3 credits, no prerequisite)

Elective Coursework

Students take 18 credits in elective courses from the approved list or in consultation with the GSAH Advisor and Director to develop a personalized concentration of coursework. Visit the Elective Courses Page for the approved list.