Expand your research and teaching qualifications by developing expertise in Global Studies.

  • Acquire knowledge of globalization within a humanities framework.
  • Analyze the complexities of global phenomena, such as cultural flows and international trends in the arts, modernity and postmodernity, digital technologies and social media, neocolonialism and decoloniality, climate change and environmentalism, border crossings and border security.
  • Develop research projects that explore the negative impacts and positive potentials of globalization.
  • Elaborate critical analyses that bring together humanities and social scientific approaches to globalization.
  • Explore emerging scholarship in the field of global studies, especially in terms of the interplay of cultural production, political discourses, and material condition.

Why enroll in the Global Studies Certificate?

This interdisciplinary graduate certificate provides a useful grounding for students who want to add a credential to their main field of MA or PhD studies. The certificate is a plus factor for PhD students that will expand their opportunities in the academic and alt-academic job market. The certificate prepares MA students for study at the PhD level or for employment in the non-governmental sector, with government agencies, or in the international culture industry. Employers in a wide range of sectors will value your advanced global cultural knowledge, critical awareness and communication skills.

Download, fill and print the application form [PDF file].
Submit by email attachment to:

Salah D. Hassan, Director  
Global Studies in the Arts & Humanities Program 


Students must complete 6 credits of coursework and an international experience:

1. GSAH 850: Seminar on Global Theories and Concepts in the Arts and Humanities (3 credits)

2. One graduate-level course (of at least 3 credits) offered outside of the student’s home program that addresses global issues or themes.  The course is chosen in consultation with the student’s primary advisor and approved by the Director of the Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities program.

3. Completion of an international experience through participation in a study abroad program, an approved internship with a global dimension, or research experience. The experience is chosen by the student in consultation with their primary advisor and approved by the Director of the Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities program.