In Fall 2021, requirements for the GSAH major and minor were revised and updated. The changes to the curriculum are aimed at enhancing the student experience by creating greater flexibility in course options.

The GSAH curriculum offers flexible course selection that provides a foundation in the study of globalization from a humanities perspective, and at the same time allows students to pursue their particular interests across academic disciplines. Students have large degree of freedom to develop a program study connects their GSAH grounding with coursework in other fields.

In addition to the University requirements, the GSAH program of study consists of 1) College of Arts and Letters requirements, 2) GSAH Core courses, and 3) Elective courses with significant global studies content. The essence of a GSAH degree is a rich combination of Core courses  (6 for the GSAH , 3 for the Minor) and  Elective courses (6 for the Major, and 2 for the Minor), including courses offered in by programs and departments. Students can generally begin taking Global Studies Core as soon as they have met the Tier I writing requirement. For some Elective courses outside of the GSAH program, students may need to fulfill additional prerequisites or obtain an override from the professor.

Remember that students enrolled in the GSAH major or minor also must fulfill the College of Arts and Letters language requirement, which is successful completion of 1 course in a language of the students choice at the 202 level.