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The GSAH curriculum is made up of University requirements, College requirements, GSAH Core and Affiliated courses, and electives. Most students complete about 30 credits per year.  Usually you begin taking GSAH Core courses in your sophomore year, although it is possible to begin as soon as you’ve met the Tier I writing requirement.

We require a carefully connected and sequentially structured set of Core courses  (7 for Majors, 5 for Minors), which prepare you to branch out, pursue your own interests, and build upon your strengths.  Our exciting array of affiliated courses offered in other programs and departments allow you to shape your major to your own needs, and to create powerful connections between your GSAH grounding and the coursework you undertake in other fields. 

Remember that we require you be proficient in the foreign language of your choice, so be sure to plan ahead and leave time for the extra coursework in languages that might be necessary to help you become a truly fluent global citizen.