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STUDENTS TAKE 12-16 ADDITIONAL AFFILIATED COURSE CREDITS selected in consultation with the GSAH Advisor and Director TO DEVELOP A PERSONALIZED CONCENTRATION OF COURSES to complete their major coursework:

GSAH Affiliated Courses are offered in the regular curriculum of College of Arts and Letters Departments: English, Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Romance and Classical Studies, Art and Art History

These affiliated courses range from 200-level through 400 level, and can be woven into the coursework required within the program:

Freshman and Sophomore Year: 200-level courses - Do a Study Abroad Program NOW!

Junior Year: 300- and 400-level courses – Do an Internship NOW!

Senior Year: 300- and 400-level courses 

Students must test at the ‘Intermediate-Mid’ level in commonly taught languages, or at a language-specific level for less commonly taught languages (this is an oral proficiency test, rather than counting coursework completed).  Language proficiency can also be met by majoring or minoring in a language other than English with a 3.0 GPA in that language.

GSAH Students must go on a study abroad program, an approved study away program, or they must do an approved internship with a global dimension.