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Affiliated Courses: Political Processes and Practices

GRM 455 Major Themes in German Cultural History (W)

PHL 350 Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
PHL 351 African Philosophy
PHL 353 Core Themes in Peace and Justice Studies
PHL 354 Philosophy of Law
PHL 356 Philosophical Aspects of Feminism (D)
PHL 357 Philosophy of Karl Marx
PHL 360 Philosophy of Language
PHL 440 Central Issues in Ethics
PHL 452 Environmental Ethics
PHL 454 Topics in Philosophy of Law
PHL 456 Topics in Feminist Philosophy (D)
PHL 460 Epistemology
PHL 461 Metaphysics

REL 310 Judaism (D)
REL 355 Southeast Asian Religions
REL 360 African Religion (I)

WS 153 Introduction to Women Authors
WS 403 Women and Change in Developing Countries
WS 404 Women and the Law in the United States
WS 412 Women in Modern European History
WS 413 Families in Historical Perspective

WRA 331 Writing in the Public Interest (W)
WRA 415 Digital Rhetoric