Palm Oil Pitfalls, March 20-22, 2024

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All events will be held in the MSU Museum Food Fight! Commons from 7-8:30PM

March 20, 2024: The Oil Palm Colonial History and the Global Present: How Indonesia Became the Global Supplier of the Palm Oil

A panel discussion with researchers studying the history of the oil palm tree and the contemporary production and consumption of palm oil.

March 21, 2024: Documenting Palm Oil in Indonesia

The graduate student producers of 3 short documentaries and slideshows on palm oil production and consumption in Jambi Indonesia will discuss their research and representation of palm oil pitfalls. The 3 videos and slideshows are multimedia projects produced collaboratively by graduate students at Michigan State University and at the National Islamic University of Indonesia in Jambi (UIN Jamb). PhD and MA students from the two universities worked together as part of a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) experience organized by the Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities Program (MSU) in partnership with the International Office (UIN Jambi).

March 22, 2024: Indonesian Shadow Puppets (Wayang)

Wayang is the Bahasa word for the traditional art of shadow puppetry, a very rich and complex performance that narrates a heroic educational story often derived from South Asian epics. Eddy is an Indonesian artist in Jambi who prepares wayang performance. He has adapted for the contemporary situation and prepared a script for a wayang performance that takes palm oil as its central topic. Eddy is making the puppets for this performance and
composing the music, which will be presented on stage at his studio and video recorded for exhibit at MSU.

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