Zainichi: Global Perspectives Symposium 2018

The symposium, “The Poetics of Passing: Interrogating Self-Fashioning as the Other in Zainichi Cultural Production,” seeks to illuminate “zainichi” as a locus for theorizing the notion of passing. Since Koreans…

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Scott Boehm: Recent Publications

Dr. Boehm is currently working on a book manuscript about Spanish horror film that interrogates the sinister relationships between state terrorism, cultural trauma and impunity as they manifest in allegories of…

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Miguel Cabanas: Recent Publications

Recent Publications:  "Politics, Identity, and Mobility in Travel Writing" (Cabañas, Miguel et al). New York: Routledge, 2015. Edited special volume: “Imagined Narcoscapes: Narco-Culture, and the Politics of Representation.” Latin American Perspectives. 195:…

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Johanna Schuster-Craig: Recent Publication

Dr. Schuster-Craig's book project, The Demands of Integration: How One Word Shapes a Nation, explores the consequences of integration politics on German immigration policy, and the links between integration and growing…

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Karin Zitzewitz: Recent Publication

Karin Zitzewitz is beginning a book project that looks at the development of contemporary art in India and Pakistan after 1991, which marks both the liberalization of the Indian economy…

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Scott Boehm: “Political Revolution? Lessons from Spain”

Coverage of the recent event "Political Revolution? Lessons from Spain" on October 11, 2016. Lansing City Pulse: CTXT (in Spanish): 

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