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Michigan State University
Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities


Statement in Solidarity with Asian Communities

The Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities Program expresses sympathy and solidarity with members of the diverse Asian communities in the United States. The racist violence directed against Asians and Asian Americans has a long history and the recent killings in Georgia are a reminder of the continuing cruel legacy of anti-Asian policies put in place in the 19th and 20th centuries. The previous administration gave license to the racist and  sexist violence of the shooter, whose actions reflect the ugly attitudes that remain tragically present in contemporary US politics and culture.

As scholars and students committed to anti-racism, equity, and justice, we must challenge the racist discourse that has often characterized discussions of COVID 19 in the US and raise our voices in protest against the increasing number of hate crimes directed against Asians. Reach out to and support the work of the Asian Studies Center, Asian Pacific American Studies, Asian Pacific Islander Desi American/Asian Faculty Staff Association (APIDA/AFSA), the Office of China Programs, and Get Engaged.

Join with us and protest racist and sexist violence!

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