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Scott Boehm

Coverage of the recent event "Political Revolution? Lessons from Spain" on October 11, 2016.

Lansing City Pulse:  http://lansingcitypulse.com/article-13820-a-fresh-rain-in-spain.html

CTXT (in Spaninsh): http://ctxt.es/es/20161012/Politica/8981/elecciones-USA-15M-PAH-Occupy-Wall-Street-Black-Lives-Matter.htm 


Karin Zitzewitz

Recent Publication:  “Life in Ruins:  Materiality, the City, and the Production of Critique in the Art of Naiza Khan,” Journal of Asian Studies 74:2 (May 2015), 323-346. http://dx.doi.org.proxy1.cl.msu.edu/10.1017/S0021911814002228

News:  Karin Zitzewitz is beginning a book project that looks at the development of contemporary art in India and Pakistan after 1991, which marks both the liberalization of the Indian economy and the formal end of the Cold War. The period saw rapid changes in the form of art and in art institutions, as the art market and non-profit institutions filled the vacuum left by the retreat of the state from the avant grade. This project has involved the creation of a large archive of contemporary art images, hosted by the Visual Resources Library in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design at MSU and accessible to members of the university community.


Johanna Schuster-Craig

Recent Publication:  “‘Well-Integrated Muslims’ and Adolescent Anti-violence Activism in Berlin,” German Life and Letters, 68 (2015):  125–144. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/glal.12072/abstract

News:  Dr. Schuster-Craig's book project, The Demands of Integration: How One Word Shapes a Nation, explores the consequences of integration politics on German immigration policy, and the links between integration and growing right-wing nationalist populism. She has recently returned to Germany on a grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to research at the Archive of the German Parliament. 


Miguel Cabanas

Recent Publications:  "Politics, Identity, and Mobility in Travel Writing" (Cabañas, Miguel et al). New York: Routledge, 2015. https://www.routledge.com/Politics-Identity-and-Mobility-in-Travel-Writing/Cabanas-Dubino-Salles-Reese-Totten/p/book/9781138823457

Edited special volume: “Imagined Narcoscapes: Narco-Culture, and the Politics of Representation.” Latin American Perspectives. 195: 41, Número 2 (March 2014). Print. http://lap.sagepub.com/content/41/2.toc


Scott Boehm

Recent Publications:  “Specters of Genocide: Mass Graves, Horror Film and Impunity in Post-Dictatorship Spain” in The Ethics of Remembering and the Consequences of Forgetting: Essays on Trauma, History and Memory, Michael O’Loughlin (Ed.), Roman & Littlefield, 2014.

News:   Dr. Boehm is currently working on a book manuscript about Spanish horror film that interrogates the sinister relationships between state terrorism, cultural trauma and impunity as they manifest in allegories of loss haunted by gender, sexuality and childhood innocence.  Dr. Boehm is also currently working on two articles related to recent sociopolitical changes in Spain since the emergence of the leftist political party Podemos in the 2014 European elections.  The first considers the Latin American political roots of Podemos and the party's difficulties negotiating its ties to Venezuela and Bolivia in the Spanish media, while the second examines the relationship between the resurgence of popular theater in Madrid during the recent economic crisis and Podemos.